Artist Statement

Using fiber and painting techniques, I explore the use of color combination, layering, mark-making, resists and repetition. Working mainly abstract, I use these methods to depict ideas of movement and rhythm. I am drawn to the levels of detail that can be achieved through the fiber and painting processes. I enter a peaceful and meditative state of mind when I weave on a floor loom. There is excitement in the motion of handling a brush; a sense of freeness. The wide range of color and the concept of repetition that I use in textiles has influences the development of my painting as well.


Hand (dyed) painted Samples. September 2014.


"Tilted & Cluttered; Still Life". February 2015.


Layering and mark-making allows me to create movement.  Rhythm is present in my work by the use of repetition; a mark, a shape or a color. I create my pieces based on loose sketches and the inspirations that I gather from the textures I find in man-made objects and in nature’s living things. I am attracted to these textures due to their color combination, pattern and their unique shape or form. These textures I then translate into both two-dimensional and three dimensional forms.


Basing my next decision on my prior steps, I work intuitively. Documenting the stages of my work allows me to analyze the direction of a piece. With that personal library developed, I apply that resource to serve as not only for reflection but for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of certain compositions. Continually being inspired by colors and textures, the possibilities are endless.


"Drawn by Chance; Hairpin Banksia". January 2015.

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